All of your body’s needs for proper sleep are actively and continuously met on a Nottinblú bed.

We are proud to make the only beds capable of providing both anatomic necessities for achieving full-body relaxation for sleep: spinal column alignment and weight-volume absorption.

The active, responsive nature of our Pressure-Balanced Sleep System design ensures that no matter where or how you move on the bed, these needs are continuously met.

In most beds the sleeper tends to ‘sink in’, resulting in a nonaligned spine.


Traditional Mattresses

Too Hard

A bed that is too hard is neither capable of volume absorption nor column alignment. In such beds, the body is never relieved of pressure and sleeps in constant discomfort, unable to rest and restore.

Too Soft

A bed that is too soft is capable of volume absorption but not column alignment, due to the impact that the body’s heaviest and most voluminous parts have on the bed’s in-use form. The spine falls out of alignment following the path of the hips.

With the spine out of alignment, the body never fully rests and restores itself.

Nottinblú PBS

All Pressures Balanced

Nottinblú PBS Beds have the rare ability to provide both volume absorption and column alignment. All downward pressures are instantly and equally balanced. This balance allows the spine relax fully and the body capable of deep relaxation and restoration.