Enjoy the Best Sleep Imaginable with the Nottinblú PBS sleep system, exclusively available at Villa Luxury Beds in association with I Saloni.

PBS (Pressure Balance System) uses the scientific principle of pressure equalization to create sleep systems that actively support the body, not just passively absorb its weight and volume as  with traditional mattresses. Simply put, every pressure imposed on a Nottinblú sleep system is instantly & equally balanced.

Our sleep systems slowly work on you. With every pressure point relieved, the body can relax completely and the column can align. In this perfect posture you will experience weightless relaxation.

No matter how you position or move throughout the night the bed moves with you, ensuring your body remains suspended in its most perfect, weightless form.

You’ll find that our sleep systems slowly work on you. With small and delicate changes each night. Finally, the body, the muscles and the mind can relax completely. No other bed in the world feels this good.

To experience this innovative new level of quality and comfort, please come visit us to try out our postural simulator. It is here, in only minutes, where you will see and feel the true difference between a traditional bed, in comparison to the sleep system technology of the PBS.

An extraordinary and unique visual and sensory experience, as we are convinced that the value and beauty do not need to be explained, but instead immediately appreciated.

To this end it will be possible to book an exclusive experience, to experience the PBS in person and discover more of the world of Nottinblú.

Everyone will have a customized sleep and rest. In this perfect posture you will experience weightless relaxation.

The comfort is incomparable.
The sleep is life-changing. …
… and the beds are gorgeous.
This is The Best Sleep Imaginable.

At Villa Luxury Beds, we offer every customer a complimentary Sleep Consultation. These Consultations involve a lifestyle evaluation and sleep analysis to help you find the ideal bed for your personal requirements.

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