Nottinblú sets out as its mission, the consolidation and increase of its market share in the production of advanced bed systems made up of innovative bed bases, mattresses and pillows; all produced with modern materials.

The Managing Director has decided to consider the management of Quality as a major element in order to reach the following strategic goals:

  • constant improvement of its products / company’s services
  • achieving the full satisfaction of its customers
  • increasing company’s competitiveness
  • fulfillment of the compulsory requirements applicable to the product

In order to reach the above mentioned goals, the Managing Director commits to:

  • monitor the improvement of the company’s performance
  • decrease management’s costs, while increasing company’s efficiency
  • reduce customers claims
  • organize and rationalize the company’s procedures
  • focus its workers on the targets of the company’s development
  • aligning its suppliers to the company’s management goals and targets.

In order to reach and maintain a high level in quality of products and services, the Managing Director has decided to work according to the international rule UNI EN ISO 9001 and to appoint to a person in charge of the Quality System for coordinating and monitoring the whole system

In order to reach the fixed goals and engagements, all members of the organization must follow constantly these basic principles:

  • Quality of services and products must have priority over every activity of the company.
  • Quality has to be treated professionally and everyone must maximally apply their best ability, responsibility and competence to assure the achievement of the fixed targets.
  • Quality management does not have an endpoint, but requires continuous improvement; in this way the results will be advantageous for every member of the company and for the development of the organization

Matteo Nottinblu
The Managing Director
Eng. Matteo Emanuele

Pavia di Udine, 09/01/2017