On May 23, a delegation composed of 20 people including executive directors, sales and product managers and dealers from Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), company that distributes Nottinblú products in Japan, visited the headquarters in Udine.

Nishikawa is boosting the distribution network and sales of Nottinblú in the Japanese market.

The delegation was welcomed by Stefano Gandolfi, president of Nottinblú, who gave a brief lecture on corporate development guidelines and strategies, and then explored the unique advantages of the PBS “sleeping system”.

Everyone had the opportunity to experience the comfort of the PBS sleeping system and the innovation of the PBS simulator in the showroom.

This allowed everyone to understand the exceptional functionality of the PBS.

All participants were impressed with PBS benefits and this strengthened their confidence in Japan’s growing success, certain that Nottinblú is helping to improve the sleep of the Japanese people and consequently their quality of life.