Italian luxury bedding company Nottinblú crossed the ocean and sailed China’s first offshore regatta, the “Sea Sailing Competition”.

The trip to China officially began.

The “Sea Sailing Competition” is the longest regatta in China with the highest level of competition. And Nottinblú debuted winning!

9 days of navigation, 73 boats, 820 nautical miles.

At sea the wind gives strength to the sails. To navigate the crews- try to maintain the balance between the vessel, the force of the wind and the waves.

It is from this constant search for harmony between man and nature comes the emotion of sailing.

And it is the achievement of the same balance that has characterized the relentless pursuit of Nottinblú to determine new standards of performance and comfort.

The result was the PBS (Pressure Balance System) sleep system.

Our unique technology PBS (Pressure Balance System) uses the scientific principle of pressure equalization to create sleep systems that actively support the body, not just passively absorb its weight and volume as with traditional mattresses.

Simply put, every pressure imposed on a Nottinblú sleep system is instantly & equally balanced.

Our sleep systems slowly work on you. With small and delicate changes each night. Every night your body moves closer into its ideal and most comfortable state.

With every pressure point relieved, the body can relax completely and the column can align. In this perfect posture you will experience weightless relaxation.

A Sailing vessel and Nottinblú represent two sides of the same coin, united by a philosophy that aims at equilibrium, thanks to which during the day you can challenge the strength of the ocean and at night you can abandon yourself, in an oasis of peace, on the way toward a restful sleep.

Sport and leisure, the outside world and our intimacy, in the balance of day and night, to support the body and the mind, enjoying life to the fullest. Nottinblú is not simply a technology that balances the body but is an art that harmonizes life.